Urban Movement MovNat workshops are on their way. Stay tuned for more information.

MovNat is a fitness and physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement. In addition to working toward an overall healthy lifestyle and mindset, the Outdoor Level 1 MovNat class focuses on locomotive skills like walking, running, balancing, jumping, crawling and climbing; and manipulative skills like lifting, carry, throwing and catching. The goal is to reintroduce / refine your natural movement skills with the aim being that all skills practiced have a practical approach to the "real" world. Everything starts slow and slow, and you work at your own level.

For ages 12+, beginners are most definitely welcome! You don't need previous experience to join us. An entire team of experienced, certified teachers will help remind you what's it's like to move with agility...through progressions and repetition. "What we aren't good at, we practice." We'll encourage focused energy and help you push your limits, mental and physical, in a relatively safe environment.

What is MovNat? Our method of training requires that you warm up with the group. If you miss the warm up, you'll have to miss the class.

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