parkour \par-kor\ noun

art du deplacement (ADD) See The Yamak Spirit

Definition of PARKOUR (ADD)
a : an art, discipline and lifestyle of movement, self-discovery and respect for human nature
b : a way of conditioning your body and training your mind in order to achieve and maintain a lifetime of controlled, fluid movement through any environment, overcoming any obstacle (mental or physical), in any situation

Examples of PARKOUR (ADD)
- Do you know what parkour is?
- Let's go train. (the word parkour is not used in this phrase and the word "parkouring" is never used)
- People who practice parkour are usually either called a traceur (male), tracuese (female), or practitioner.
- Parkour is for everyone.
- I went to my first parkour class the other day.

Origin of PARKOUR (ADD)
An art of movement that originally was and still is globally accepted as, l'art du deplacement (ADD), which was developed in France by the Yamakasi. The word parkour came later and has become the most widely used name for the discipline through corporate marketing, sponsorship and YouTube. The word was coined by David Belle and is derived from the French word "parcours", or obstacle course form of physical training. The word freerunning came even later and was coined by Guillaume Pelletier for the UK TV production, Jump London, with the purpose of being a more easily understood word that described the movement. Sebastian Foucan then began to use this word to describe his way. They are all the same thing.

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