Tuesday & Friday 5:30 - 6:45 p.m. | Ages 7-13 | Studio Fitness (See Pricing)

Parkour has a unique way of changing lives.

The Indoor Youth Parkour class' main goal is to help that change be positive, progressive, lasting and fun. Kids love to jump around…We teach them how to do it safely, efficiently and effectively. We also show each student how to explore and control their potential with a smart, disciplined approach. Everything starts slow and slow, and everyone works at their own level.

Enrolling your child in Urban Movement classes will encourage their natural character, help them develop mental and physical strength, and build the confidence to take on new challenges as they grow up. What is Parkour?

Please plan ahead for traffic, parking, etc. Our method of training requires that you warm up with the group. If you miss the warm up, you'll have to miss the class.

** We do not use paper waivers. Everything is digital with us. All students must be registered through our online system. When an adult signs themselves up, and/or when a parent signs up their child, it will be a requirement to agree to our Liability Release. When you "Agree with the above terms" during the registration process, that's like a digital signature.

** See Policies & Programs for details on our Cancellation Policy, Guest Passes, Expiration, Refer a Friend, etc.

Youth Class Photos: